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Better Solventless
Consultations, Guides, & Virtual Classes.

Experience the
Better Solventless Difference.

About Us

"Better Processes, Better Results"
Live Rosin Processing

With 14 years of combined experience in solventless extraction practices and procedures, we specialize in producing the highest quality live rosin using our techniques and learning throughout the years. Our expertise has led to multiple awards in various live rosin categories. Solventless extracts are not just our profession; they are our passion. Let us assist you in elevating your solventless processing to new heights.

Live Concentrates Rosin Trophy
Live Rosin Concentrates Trophy
Live Rosin Concentrates Trophy
Live Rosin Concentrate Trophy

Our Services

Live Rosin Consulting


We provide personalized 1-on-1 consultations through phone calls, virtual meetings, and on-site training sessions.

Buy Educational

We've curated an extensive collection of educational guides

covering every aspect of solventless extraction methods, from cultivation, washing, drying, pressing, curing, cartridges and beyond.

Live Rosin Guides
Live Rosin Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes are included with some educational guides, from washing & drying, pressing, & cartridge making.

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